I survived Fedcon XXI…

I got back home on Wednesday, after an awsome time in Germany. Unfortunately, I was way too tired in the evenings to blog about what I’d done during the days (only managed the first day of the convention).

My general feeling about the entire event is; “Can I come back next year, please?” I seriously doubt that I’ll attend next year (It’s not exactly free…), but I certainly want to come back some time.

It was a bit different than expected. I ended up attending a lot more panels and did a lot less shopping than I thought I would. I bought a Fedcon shirt and a plushie this year’s mascot, a book by Greg Broadmore (who had the most amazing exhibition of his steam punk-y art) and a few trinkets. I also got three autohraphs (Felicia Day, Kai Owen and William Shatner) and one photo oppurtunity (Felicia Day). :D

The feeling of talkig to these people, even though it was very bried, is weird. Though, Felicia Day was pretty much exactly as I expected; Happy, bubbly and nice. <3 The photo op was a strange experiance as well… You stand in line, walk up to her, stand beside her, they take the picture and you walk off. Just as I left, she shouted to me that she'd seen my tweet that I'd sent out after the autograph session. I know it's silly, but it made me pretty happy.

The panels were a lot funnier than I thought as well. I've went to quite a few, but the best ones must have been Kai Owen's (I went to both). He was absolutely bonkers… He sang, screamed at his fans, talked about John Barrowman's butt and Pokémon (don't ask…). He said he wouldn't sing unless he was drunk, so people went and bought him beers. He settled on one beer per song, so after two beers he sang a welch love song and a football chant. :P

It was pretty great to see William Shatner and Walter Koenig in person, being the Trekkie I am. I saw two panels each with them. They have aged, obviously, but they still feel quite fresh and had some very interesting stories to tell.

Of course, I did and saw loads more, but my mind's still a bit too numb to remember. It'll probably come back to me as I go through and sort the photos. I'll also try to take some pics of what I've bought and upload here.

Tomorrow, though, I need to take a nice picture of one of my nendoroids. I was planning on entering a contest on DeviantArt, but I haven't really had the time to play around with my dollies lately. ;)

Well, I'll end here for tonight, but the future updates will probably have a to do with Fedcon. Just so you know. ;)

Fedcon: Day 1

First day of the convention today, and you can’t imagine how tired I am. So many impressions at the same time, and the sound level alone is enough to give you the headache from hell after a couple of hours.

I have actually shared an elevator with Garrett Wang (Harry Kim in ST:VOY) today. The problem was, I was stuck in the back, and was the first one that was supposed to be getting out. So, we had to tell him to watch his feet so I wouldn’t run them over. While I was backing out of the elevator, he stood in front of me and said, “She’s reversing! Beep, beep, beep…”. Bit of a funny story to be able to tell.

Afterwards we saw the end of Virginia Hay’s panel while waiting for the ST:TNG 25th anniversary lecture by Richard Arnold. He told us some great ‘behind the scenes’ stories, and he managed to be funny at the same time.

Then Gates McFadden was supposed to come on, but there had been a change of schedule so Kai Owen came on stage instead. And let me tell you, that man is bonkers. In a good way though, don’t get me wrong. He can sing as well, by the way and has promised to sing some Welch rugby songs before the weekend is over.

We didn’t do much between then and the opening ceremony, just got a quick bite to eat. The ceremony was a lot of fun though, even though large parts were in German.

I smiled at, and got smiled back at by Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris in Buffy) in the lobby right before we left for the day.

Mostly just excited to be here, but right now the tiredness and headache is too much, and I need to get to bed.

Good night, and hope to write more tomorrow.

Windy and exclusive…

After a bit of a lazy start (I slept till after nine), we got a move on and went out exploring.

There’s some very strange buildings in this town, that’s to be sure. The photos are still in the camera though, so they’ll have to wait.

We walked around for quite a while in search of Koeningsallee, and I was beginning to think I’d freeze to death, or blow away. Thankfully, we found a place to eat.

A while later, I got to try something I’ve only read about. Bubble Tea!


I’m way to tired to explain what it is, so you’ll have to google it. I had a passion fruit one (the one on the photo), and my mum had a honeydew one. They were yummy!

Afterwards we went to the hotel, had a quick stroll to take some more photos and then had dinner at the hotel. A medium rare rumpsteak… *drools*

I’m sitting here, watching Diablo III, but I really need to get to sleep. First day of the convention tomorrow, so I’ll need my strength.

Before I go, here’s the view from our room. <3

First days in Germany

This will be short, ‘cos I’m writing on a rather crappy phone.

Yesterday we arrived in Lubeck, after a long, long day of car and boat. We didn’t get to see much, but we took a quick walk in the old town and ate at a rather cosy restaurant. There they had the cutest glasses I’ve ever seen. Tiny little coca cola glasses in the usual, slightly old fashioned, design.  Me wants!

Today was spent in the car as well, so nothing major’s happened. We stopped at a KFC and ate. A bit boring, but at least it’s food. Since we arrived in Düsseldorf we’ve only taken a quick stroll in search of somewhere to eat, but to no avail. We gave up and went back to the hotel. So, now I’ve had a hot chocolate, and will soon go to bed. Firstly tough, a quick look at Diablo III.

Hope to write soon, but I make no promises. :)

Germany, here I come!

So, in about 6 hours we should be on our way…

If you don’t already know, I’m going to Fedcon, the biggest sci-fi convention in Europe. It’s the first real convention I’ll attend, so I’m a bit nervous, but mostly excited. :D

Not much to tell right now, but I hope to tell you all about it once we get home. And, of course, I’ll try to upload some pictures of it as well. I have to, at least, show off what I’ve bought. ;)

Wish me luck!

Miku has come home

So, after an extremely long wait, my Nendoroid Miku Append has finally come home. I ordered her back in January, and was supposed to get her in February. Unfortunately, the shop I used has had some problems with their deliveries from asia, so everything’s been pushed forward again and again. But I’ve got her now at least! :D

I haven’t taken any real pictures of her yet, just a few when she got out of the box. Enjoy:

Miku says hello!

Hopefully, the nice weather we’ve been having will stay so I’ll be able to get some outdoor photos of her. A few pics of her among some spring flowers would be great! I just need to get rid of this darned cold first.