Fedcon: Day 1

First day of the convention today, and you can’t imagine how tired I am. So many impressions at the same time, and the sound level alone is enough to give you the headache from hell after a couple of hours.

I have actually shared an elevator with Garrett Wang (Harry Kim in ST:VOY) today. The problem was, I was stuck in the back, and was the first one that was supposed to be getting out. So, we had to tell him to watch his feet so I wouldn’t run them over. While I was backing out of the elevator, he stood in front of me and said, “She’s reversing! Beep, beep, beep…”. Bit of a funny story to be able to tell.

Afterwards we saw the end of Virginia Hay’s panel while waiting for the ST:TNG 25th anniversary lecture by Richard Arnold. He told us some great ‘behind the scenes’ stories, and he managed to be funny at the same time.

Then Gates McFadden was supposed to come on, but there had been a change of schedule so Kai Owen came on stage instead. And let me tell you, that man is bonkers. In a good way though, don’t get me wrong. He can sing as well, by the way and has promised to sing some Welch rugby songs before the weekend is over.

We didn’t do much between then and the opening ceremony, just got a quick bite to eat. The ceremony was a lot of fun though, even though large parts were in German.

I smiled at, and got smiled back at by Nicholas Brendon (Xander Harris in Buffy) in the lobby right before we left for the day.

Mostly just excited to be here, but right now the tiredness and headache is too much, and I need to get to bed.

Good night, and hope to write more tomorrow.

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