I survived Fedcon XXI…

I got back home on Wednesday, after an awsome time in Germany. Unfortunately, I was way too tired in the evenings to blog about what I’d done during the days (only managed the first day of the convention).

My general feeling about the entire event is; “Can I come back next year, please?” I seriously doubt that I’ll attend next year (It’s not exactly free…), but I certainly want to come back some time.

It was a bit different than expected. I ended up attending a lot more panels and did a lot less shopping than I thought I would. I bought a Fedcon shirt and a plushie this year’s mascot, a book by Greg Broadmore (who had the most amazing exhibition of his steam punk-y art) and a few trinkets. I also got three autohraphs (Felicia Day, Kai Owen and William Shatner) and one photo oppurtunity (Felicia Day). :D

The feeling of talkig to these people, even though it was very bried, is weird. Though, Felicia Day was pretty much exactly as I expected; Happy, bubbly and nice. <3 The photo op was a strange experiance as well… You stand in line, walk up to her, stand beside her, they take the picture and you walk off. Just as I left, she shouted to me that she'd seen my tweet that I'd sent out after the autograph session. I know it's silly, but it made me pretty happy.

The panels were a lot funnier than I thought as well. I've went to quite a few, but the best ones must have been Kai Owen's (I went to both). He was absolutely bonkers… He sang, screamed at his fans, talked about John Barrowman's butt and Pok√©mon (don't ask…). He said he wouldn't sing unless he was drunk, so people went and bought him beers. He settled on one beer per song, so after two beers he sang a welch love song and a football chant. :P

It was pretty great to see William Shatner and Walter Koenig in person, being the Trekkie I am. I saw two panels each with them. They have aged, obviously, but they still feel quite fresh and had some very interesting stories to tell.

Of course, I did and saw loads more, but my mind's still a bit too numb to remember. It'll probably come back to me as I go through and sort the photos. I'll also try to take some pics of what I've bought and upload here.

Tomorrow, though, I need to take a nice picture of one of my nendoroids. I was planning on entering a contest on DeviantArt, but I haven't really had the time to play around with my dollies lately. ;)

Well, I'll end here for tonight, but the future updates will probably have a to do with Fedcon. Just so you know. ;)

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