Dolls for the win!

It’s been a long time since I bought a Pullip, and I’ve been admiring some of the newer dolls that have been released. There hasn’t been one good enough for me to open my wallet, though. Until now…

When PullipStyle announced that they’d release an exclusive Pullip, I was immediately interested. When I saw that it was Froggy, now as a full size Pullip, I basically sqeed with delight.

I decided pretty quickly that I wanted her, but had to wait until pre-orders started before I could place my order (obviously). While I waited, I looked around in the webshop for fun, and decided that it might be a good idea to buy another doll at the same time to save on shipping. After all, shipping from USA to Sweden isn’t exactly free. I settled on Dal Ciel, a doll I’ve wanted since (s)he was released.

I will eventually get a male obitstu for him, so he’ll actually be a boy like he’s supposed to be. Since Kurosjitsuji is one of my favourite animes, it’s hard to picture him as a girl. Yes, even though I’ve seen the Robin Ciel …and the Alice one.

These beauties will be coming home in couple of months, if everything goes as it should.

Can’t wait!

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