A Twitter Mystery

People keep following me on twitter, and I ask myself; Why…? It started, really, when I got back from Germany and had started following some people on my own.

At first I thought it was bots that wanted to spam me. But no, it’s actually real living people. Sci-fi and fantasy authors, to be specific.

I’m not complaining though. It’s nice to know someone cares to know where I check in using Foursquare, which is basically the only thing I post on there. ;)

I haven’t counted, but I think about 7 or 8 different authors now follow me. It’s probably a PR thing, trying to get me to read their books… What they don’t know is that I already have books to last me a lifetime, and I’m way to skilled in finding new ones for the list to need any help.

Oh well! They’ll just have to deal with check-ins and the occasional update, which will, most probably, be in swedish.

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