A very nice birthday!

I turned 22 today, and I’ve had a great day. I haven’t done anything special, just spent the day with my parents, and my two siblings came over. We ordered chinese food (classy, I know) and had some cake. It was just enough to have a wonderful day. <3

My mum made me a nice breakfast to get my day off to a good start, and it really worked. I got a gift card from my sister at the breakfast table as well, and will soon be shopping for even more books. *happy dance*

Yesterday, I started reading A Feast for Crows, the fourth part in A Song of Ice and Fire. So after breakfast, I decided to read some more. Didn’t get very far though, just one chapter. :P I had a hard time concentrating with my family chatting away and some flowers right next to me. I ended up holding my phone and taking the classic “book and flowers” shot, but with a modern twist…

Please bear in mind, I took it without much thought, using my phone. It isn’t meant as a masterpiece, just as a fun pic during my birthday. I think it turned out quite good for what it is.

My mum’s been nagging me for a while about a birthday gift, and have even hinted about getting me a doll, but I honestly don’t know what I would ask for. Mosts of the things I really enjoy, like my dolls, are so damn expensive that it feels like a waste of money… They are very dear to me though, and it’s always nice to make the family bigger. Ah well, the doll I’ve fallen in love with sold out today, so it doesn’t really matter anyway. But if she comes in stock again, I’m pretty sure I have to buy her…

I’m gonna go now, and spend the last couple of hours of my very special day either watching youtube videos or reading. Hope you’ve had a great day!

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