A Day of Fun

In a couple of hours, I’m off to Gothenburg for the day with my parents, brother, niece and a friend of mine. Hopefully, it’ll be great! The plan is to find a restaurant and have a nice meal before we get to what we’re going there for, namely, Chess (the musical).

I haven’t seen the show live before, but have a DVD of the previous run here in Sweden. I’m slightly scared that will be a problem… That I’m too stuck with how I want the songs to be sung. But I’m sure it’ll be just fine. I’m usually sucked right in. :P

I also hope that there’s a soundtrack, and maybe even a DVD, of this performance so that I can listen/watch it again when I’m home again. And I need to get a program as well, I guess.

Lots of people don’t like and/or understand musicals, but I really do adore them. I love how it’s possible to tell a story through great music.

Here’s the trailer for the show;

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