No impulse control whatsoever…

So, I caved in and ordered Sakura Miku earlier today. At least I managed to stop myself from ordering the yukata version as well.

A few days ago, my Snow Miku arrived. After I unpacked her, I took a couple of pics of her with my phone. She’s really cute!

Another Miku's Home!

Currently, two out of my three Nendoroids are Hatsune Miku, and soon I’ll have a third.

I want my mail!

At the moment I’m waiting for two packages, containing three dolls.

One of them was shipped out a few days ago and I can’t wait for it to come here. It’s my Snow Hatsune Miku Fluffy Coat Version that’s on her way.

I’m really looking forward to taking photos of her with my Miku Append. I think they will look very cute together.

I’m also considering getting yet another Miku. This time it’s the Sakura Miku that was announced recently that’s caught my eye. I think she’s just lovely with her pink hair and flowers!

She’s not released til next year, so I’ll have time to save up for her if I decide to buy her. I need to order her within a few days though, as pre-orders soon closes. What should I do?

More dolly news!

So, yesterday I couldn’t stop myself, and I ordered Romantic Alice Pink Version even though I said I wouldn’t.

I’ve been looking at her for ages now, and been close to buying her a couple of times. In the end I realised I’d regret it something terrible if I didn’t get her while she’s available.

I have a name picked out, but I’ll share that when she gets here. She’s the sister of Lily, my Tiphona, and I think they’ll look great together.

So, from not ordering a doll for a year and a half (and that one was a gift!) I’ve now bought three in a month… That’s dolly addiction for you!

Dolls for the win!

It’s been a long time since I bought a Pullip, and I’ve been admiring some of the newer dolls that have been released. There hasn’t been one good enough for me to open my wallet, though. Until now…

When PullipStyle announced that they’d release an exclusive Pullip, I was immediately interested. When I saw that it was Froggy, now as a full size Pullip, I basically sqeed with delight.

I decided pretty quickly that I wanted her, but had to wait until pre-orders started before I could place my order (obviously). While I waited, I looked around in the webshop for fun, and decided that it might be a good idea to buy another doll at the same time to save on shipping. After all, shipping from USA to Sweden isn’t exactly free. I settled on Dal Ciel, a doll I’ve wanted since (s)he was released.

I will eventually get a male obitstu for him, so he’ll actually be a boy like he’s supposed to be. Since Kurosjitsuji is one of my favourite animes, it’s hard to picture him as a girl. Yes, even though I’ve seen the Robin Ciel …and the Alice one.

These beauties will be coming home in couple of months, if everything goes as it should.

Can’t wait!

Miku has come home

So, after an extremely long wait, my Nendoroid Miku Append has finally come home. I ordered her back in January, and was supposed to get her in February. Unfortunately, the shop I used has had some problems with their deliveries from asia, so everything’s been pushed forward again and again. But I’ve got her now at least! :D

I haven’t taken any real pictures of her yet, just a few when she got out of the box. Enjoy:

Miku says hello!

Hopefully, the nice weather we’ve been having will stay so I’ll be able to get some outdoor photos of her. A few pics of her among some spring flowers would be great! I just need to get rid of this darned cold first.

My very first Nendoroid!

Back in December, I fell in love with the little fellas called Nendoroids. They’re adorable little things, specially designed to make you spend all your hard earned money. ‘Cos, it’s not possible just ordering one, oh no! They have to be together in groups, you see, and these groups keep growing until they’ve got control over you…

I just realised I might freak one of my friends out right now, who thinks dolls are evil, wants to take over the world and/or kill you in your sleep. :P

Anyhow, yesterday, my first girl appeared in the mail. I haven’t had time to take all that many pictures yet. Yesterday I just snapped a few with my phone, but today I got the actual camera out for a bit. Here’s a quick peek, and I hope you like it!

Enjoying the outdoors

She’s called Yune and comes from the charming anime Ikoku Meiro no Croisée. To be fair, I fell in love with the figure first, but couldn’t justify buying her without having watched the show. So, I wathched it in two or three days, and wanted her even more afterwards. ^__^;

I’m waiting for two more, and, if I’m lucky, I might get to see some in actual shops when I’m off to Düsseldorf in a month. *excited*

Minecraft & Dollylove

I’m a big fan of Minecraft. I haven’t played an enormous amount, but quite a lot, and I do love it. On Monday, my brother and I tried out the Tekkit mod for the first time. It’s great! We haven’t had time to do much with it, but it seems like a lot of fun. I’ve mostly collected resources, while my brother’s been the one making the machines. That will change of course, as I’ll be making some automatic farms as soon as I can. …it’s tedious work to grow wheat manually.

Now to something completely else, japanese dolls! My Nendoroid Yune is finally in stock, so she’ll start her journey home to me any day now. I’m so excited to see her in person, and I can’t wait to take some photographs of her. Spring has arrived, so the lighting has improved enormously!

Have to go now, but I’ll try to update again soon.