Windy and exclusive…

After a bit of a lazy start (I slept till after nine), we got a move on and went out exploring.

There’s some very strange buildings in this town, that’s to be sure. The photos are still in the camera though, so they’ll have to wait.

We walked around for quite a while in search of Koeningsallee, and I was beginning to think I’d freeze to death, or blow away. Thankfully, we found a place to eat.

A while later, I got to try something I’ve only read about. Bubble Tea!


I’m way to tired to explain what it is, so you’ll have to google it. I had a passion fruit one (the one on the photo), and my mum had a honeydew one. They were yummy!

Afterwards we went to the hotel, had a quick stroll to take some more photos and then had dinner at the hotel. A medium rare rumpsteak… *drools*

I’m sitting here, watching Diablo III, but I really need to get to sleep. First day of the convention tomorrow, so I’ll need my strength.

Before I go, here’s the view from our room. <3